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Horsehair Broom - Beach Wood Brush Head - Metal Handle

Horsehair Broom - Beach Wood Brush Head - Metal Handle

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Top Quality Horse Hair Brush

Are you looking for a premium sweeping brush that won’t damage hardwood floors or easily scratched surfaces?

Superio cleaning and home goods products are designed for superior performance and ease of use.

Our horse hair sweeping broom features a 12.5-inch long brush head that clears dirt quickly and efficiently from hard surfaces without damaging them.

5 Piece Metal Handle

Enjoy the perfect height and ergonomic fit no matter your size or preferred method of sweeping and brushing up dust and debris.

The handle features a multi-position handle joint so you can easily sweep in corners and small spaces quickly and efficiently.

Soft yet Firm Horse Hair Bristles

Genuine horse hair has a finer texture than straw or synthetic bristles. That means we can pack even more individual bristles into the cleaning head, to ensure maximum dirt pickup and debris clearing.

The ends are naturally softer than synthetic or plant-based materials, which is much better for surfaces prone to scratching like hardwood floors, tile, glass, and smooth concrete or stone.

The Superio Difference

Here at Superio, we strive to constantly innovate new designs, technologies, and materials to create always improving cleaning supplies, household storage supplies, kitchen products, and bath products.

We care about making our customer’s lives easier and simpler at home and beyond.

Join thousands of satisfied customers…Click Add-to-Cart to order your premium horse hair broom Today!

  • PROTECT YOUR FLOORS - Our premium horsehair bristles are designed to quickly and effectively sweep hard surfaces without scratching or damaging your floors like many nylon, straw or synthetic brushes do. This brush is safe on hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, glass, concrete, linoleum, and more!
  • LARGE BRUSH HEAD - Thousands of high-grade horsehair bristles are packed into a 12.5" wide beautiful and sturdy beech wood brush head. The top of the brush head to the base of the hair bristle tips is 3". These brooms are great for quickly sweeping large outdoor, indoor, or industrial surfaces.
  • PERFECT HEIGHT EVERY TIME - We include a 5-piece metal multi-position ergonomic handle that can assemble up to 53" high. This means people of all heights and sweeping styles can easily and effectively use this broom without tiring their back, arms, or shoulders, even while sweeping for hours.
  • PREMIUM SWISS CRAFTSMANSHIP - Swiss-made equipment is built to last for years. The unique combination of horsehair, wood brush head, and metal handle are sturdier than plastic and much more durable. This broom was designed specifically for people who care about their floors and wish to avoid scratches.
  • THE SUPERIO DIFFERENCE - At Superio, we rigorously design and test superior cleaning equipment for use in homes, offices, and beyond. We constantly expand our product line and reinvent our existing products to make life easier for our customers...Click Add-to-Cart to Order Horsehair Broom Today!

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