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Black/White Splash Design Broom with Metal Handle.

Black/White Splash Design Broom with Metal Handle.

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  • EFFECTIVE SWEEPING - When you need to sweep fast, grab a Superio Kitchen Broom. Lightweight and uniquely designed to gather and push the debris and wisp, this broom makes your job easy and convenient.
  • PREMIUM BRISTLES - The Broom is crafted with quality horsehair bristles; you can easily gather both large debris and fine particles. This combination of stiff and soft bristles works efficiently to gather up all messes without scattering.
  • SUPERIOR REACH - The angled trim design allows sweeping in those inaccessible, narrow areas, easily reaching under your kitchen cabinets and along all baseboards with a 12-inch sweeping head for optimal cleaning.
  • DURABLE HANDLE - Superio’s Kitchen Broom comes complete with a Made in USA Wooden handle, durably built to resist breakage with regular usage. It features a 48-inch length for easy reach with a USA Thread, it has a rubber bumper to protect your wall and closet.
  • MULTI-SURFACE BROOM - With the Kitchen broom you easily clean your home, kitchen, or bedroom. It is safe for all floors indoor or outdoor from hardwood parquet granite tiles or even concrete. It will make your sweeping an easy experience.


This Splash Design horsehair broom is an excellent quality broom, it lasts for years and can be used wherever you want, like in the kitchen, outside on walkways, broom steps, etc. Why are you still thinking? You will not regret it. Just click the add to cart button now, and you will get it delivered to your door!!


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