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Snowball Blaster

Snowball Blaster

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  • SNOWBALL FIGHTING: with this snowball blaster you will be winning the snowball fight! It shoots balls up to 30 feet. Awesome winter sports!!
  • BEST HOLIDAY GIFT: give your kids or grandchildren the perfect winter toy as a Christmas gift or on any occasion, they will not stop playing with it.
  • EASY TO PLAY: put in the snow in the mold on top, then the snowball out of the mold, insert it in the ice-cream scoop inside the gun, and grab the other end of it and pull back to launch a snowball.
  • PERFECT SNOWBALL: the size of the snowball will come out to a round 2.8 inches ball, both the mold and the scoop are the same size for your convenience.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTED: the snow blaster is made of sturdy plastic; the shooter is being pulled with a rubber tubing to propel like a slingshot.

Superio Snowball Blaster features a snowball mold to shape the snow into launcher ready sized balls, Load snowballs into the front end of the launcher, pull back, and watch your snowball go soaring! This launcher works just like a slingshot, stabilizing ergonomic arm support splints help you to aim accurately and fire snowballs in any direction.

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