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Slim 18" Swivel Head Broom with Durable Horsehair Bristles

Slim 18" Swivel Head Broom with Durable Horsehair Bristles

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Get the dust under control! With the perfect blend of horsehair and synthetic bristles, this broom is a must-have in every home. The 18" head and 360-degree swivel design will give you an easy time sweeping the house. Use it in the kitchen under appliances, in bedrooms under the beds, or in the living room to clean under the sofa or coffee table. No matter where you take the broom, it will take care of the mess.

The anti-rust handle includes a hanging loop for the easiest storage solution.

Get the handle you like:

  • 35"-60" Telescopic Handel - The telescopic handle can adjust from 35" to 60" according to your needs. To extend: Turn the middle part of the handle counter-clockwise, extend the pole, and tighten by turning clockwise.
  • 48" 3-Part Handel - The 3-part handle comes in a pack of 3 poles that must be connected to start. Connecting all the poles is easy. Just follow the thread and connect them. There is one way of connecting the handle, so don't worry. If all the poles are attached, you are good to go!
  • 54" 1 Piece Handle - The 54" handle is a regular 1-piece handle. Slightly attach the head to the handle and get the magic done!

Get the handle that looks best for you! (If you need a different handle after purchase, you can always purchase the handle separately on the Superio website.)

Get a matching clip-on dustpan from Superio to make it a complete set.

White Dustpan or Grey Dustpan

UPC # 810541012765

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