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12" Navy Kids Snow Shovel

12" Navy Kids Snow Shovel

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  • GREAT FAMILY GIFT IDEA - This kid snow shovel is a perfect gift for the holidays. Shoveling snow alongside your child can be a fun, family-bonding experience that helps teach kids responsibilities.
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR KIDS - The snow shovel handle is specially ribbed, allowing for a durable shovel that weighs only one pound. Its non-metal composition is kid-safe for shoveling snow.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & KID SAFE - This kid snow shovel weighs only one pound to fit smaller hands. Children can handle with ease.
  • NON-STICK SHOVEL - This snow shovel is plastic that resists sticking snow and is easy to see. Have fun with your kids as you all scoop away the snow together.
  • SUITABLE FOR AGES 2 TO 10 - This kid snow shovel is great for children who love playing in the snow, building snow forts, or helping Mom and Dad. It also encourages exercise & time outside.


Let your kids have fun while helping clear the snow in your yard with SUPERIO Kids Snow Shovel!

It contains durable poly-plastic material. This children’s snow shovel features high-quality construction. It is specially done for kids to accommodate their small hands. At only one pound, it weighs less than standard snow shovels and is safer for kids to use, allowing them to play in the snow for hours.

 This winter toy features a specialized handle that allows for convenient hanging storage. The ribbed planes of the scooper and rounded shoulders also aid in shoveling snow. Furthermore, its luminescent orange color makes it easy to see in the snow and from afar. The shovel also sports a non-stick material, making cleanup hassle-free as snow does not stick to the blade. It allows kids to do chores while enjoying playtime. Clearing the snow from your driveway and yard can be a great bonding experience for kids and their parents.

 This kid snow shovel makes for the perfect gift during the holidays. Children will love this useful addition to their winter toy collection. Give the SUPERIO Kids Snow Shovel as a gift to the children in your life and watch as they have a great time shoveling snow alongside grownups!

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