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Kids Foldable Snow Scooter Sled, Blue

Kids Foldable Snow Scooter Sled, Blue

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Superio Brand is proud to present our brand new Scooter Sled.

Regular sleds are fun but traveling down a snow hill while standing on a Superio Brand Scooter Sled is where the real action is! With our scooter, purchasing expensive snowboards and accessories will be a thing of the past. The anti-slip design on the board will keep you from slipping while surfing the snowy hills and will help you maintain your balance. The handle on the scooter allows you to control your direction in the snow. This collapsible design allows for easy storage just about anywhere. Strap on your snow gear, grab your snow scooter and hit the slopes.


  • Collapsible Handle
  • Durable Plastic Design
  • Control Your Direction With The Scooter Handle
  • Anti-Slip Foot Rests On Top - To Help Keep Balance

Color: Penguin Decorative Design


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