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Garment Whitener - 10.5 oz.

Garment Whitener - 10.5 oz.

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Garment Whitener Blanc Nuclear Powder.

cleaWoo your wools into spiffy shape. Cleaning wool can be scary; horror stories of ruined sweaters and shrunken scarves abound. But armed with this wool cleaner, you can rescue and stained wool from ending up in the donation bin. Give them a second life--with their original owner.


  • Gets Your Whites Their Whitest
  • Keeps Your Wools their Wooliest
  • Eliminates Tough Stains: Coffee, Wine, Grass
  • Safe for Wool, Silk, Nylon, Cotton & More

How To Use:

    • Add 1 Capful To 1 Gallon Of Water
    • Apply Small Amount Of Wool Cleaner Directly To Stain
    • Massage Into Fabric And Leave Submerged
    • (a) Wool, Silk, Cotton - Soak 2 Hours Maximum
    • (b) Nylon - Soak 4 Hours Maximum
    • Rinse (Avoid Wringing Garments)
    • For Difficult Stains Or Yellowing, Add More Wool Cleaner Or Increase Soaking Time

How To Use With Washing Machine:

  • Add 1 Capful With Normal Detergent
  • Note: For White Fabrics Only

UPC # 810541005415

UPC # 810541005415

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