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Dust Pan with Brush Set

Dust Pan with Brush Set

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  • DETAILED CLEANING – clean and sweep crumbs, cereal, snacks, dirt, dust, or anything else. The brush fibers picks-up dirt well, and the pan has a flexible lip that provides maximum surface contact, so crumbs are swept into (not under) the Dustpan.
  • COMPACT STORAGE - it comes with a brush handle that fits easily and well into the panhandle for convenience and compact storage when it is not in use, while also releasing them easily so the brush gets clean again. It has a hole to hang up easily.
  • DESIGN & SIZE - Attractive looking blue and white colors. It is light-weight and an ideal size. Dimensions of 13” x 9” which perfectly helps your child get excited about chores, by giving them their dustpan and broom.
  • COMFORTABLE & CONVENIENT - The broom comes with a blue rubber grip that helps you clean effectively. It has combs on both sides of the dustpan to keep any dirt off the brush for a real clean experience.
  • DURABLE DUSTPAN WITH BROOM – This Broom, Bristles, Dustpan, and designed handle, is molded with the best material, so it should last for years. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

A durable plastic dustpan and brush, for use anywhere for cleaning and sweeping, dusty or dirty floors, in the household, office, boat, etc. Features a soft rubber lip so the dustpan adjusts well to the floor surface. Store the brush by clipping it into the handle of the dustpan.


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