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50 lb. Bag Snow and Ice Melter.

50 lb. Bag Snow and Ice Melter.

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  • WORKS FAST AND LAST 3X LONGER - Our fast-acting, "time-release" formula lasts longer and helps prevent re-icing on your driveway, sidewalk, or patio. The jug has up to 25% more ice melt than our competitors, so our 50-pound bag will last even longer.
  • SAFER FOR CONCRETE, METAL, AND WOOD - ProtectRx, our proprietary, organic technology, reduces corrosion rates by up to 75% compared to regular ice melters and rock salt. It is safer for your vehicles, equipment, and other surfaces.
  • LESS HARMFUL TO LAWNS AND GRASS - Safer for trees and other vegetation. Our non-hygroscopic ice melt is environmentally formulated with biodegradable soil supporting compounds, making it less harmful to plant life compared to competitors.
  • NO NEED FOR A SHAKER BOTTLE - Our easy-to-apply cap allows you to use the perfect amount every time. Plus, the crystals will not clump and help you see exactly how much you have applied. Simple and effective, it saves you time and money.
  • CONTAINS MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE, CALCIUM CHLORIDE, SODIUM CHLORIDE, AND ROCK SALT- WORKS ON CONTACT - Faster Than Plain Rock Salt - Ideal for Sidewalks, Driveways, Decks, Porches, Patios, Parking Lots, Roofs, and Other Surfaces.


This snow and ice Melter is the most important thing to buy when winter arrives, because when the first few droplets of snow fall down you want to have already at home, so you could right away spread it out and prevent from falling down. It works in seconds. Are you still hesitating? I made your decision already; it pays to buy it. Just with one click on the add to cart button you get this amazing ice melter delivered to your door!!


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