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24" Pusher Snow Shovel

24" Pusher Snow Shovel

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  • PP MADE. This shovel can handle all the snow and ice that falls. This is a rugged piece of quality equipment that will give you years of relief from deep snow and drifts. The sponge handle feels good and will not slip. It lets you shovel and throw lots of snow without soreness.
  • ESSENTIAL FOR EMERGENCIES like heavy snowfall during your commute, coming out of work to see your car buried, clearing sidewalks so others can pass safely, or helping an elderly friend get out of their home after a storm. Also great for clearing a path for pets and animals.
  • GREAT MULTI-PURPOSE TOOL You can use this great multipurpose snow pusher not only to get yourself out of snow but also to shovel all kinds of materials, such as grain, seed, feed, or fertilizers. Designed for efficient moving and lifting.
  • WINTER GIFT FOR MULTI-USE: Weather in winter is changeable. For your safety, this snow shovel should be on your shopping list for a snowy day. Multipurpose in cars, camping, and other outdoor activities. Easily stored in the trunk of cars.


Remove snow faster without breaking your back with the Superio Pusher Snow Shovel! The shovel’s blade has an extra wide radius that Removes more snow with every plow. the Shovel is designed for users to generate more leverage. Standard snow shovels have their handles attached at the very top of their shovel blades. The Snow Shovel's handle is attached to the center of the shovel blade. By attaching to the center of the blade, users can generate more leverage, which allows you to push more snow with reduced effort, This Shovel also features a Large D-Grip handle! This wide grip gives you great control over the shovel as it glides along with snow- and ice-covered surfaces.


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