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Superio Wool Cleaner - 1.6 oz.

Item# 541

Wool Cleaner

Woo your wools into spiffy shape.

Cleaning wools can be scary; horror stories of ruined sweaters and shrunken scarves abound. But armed with Superio Sparkle Wool Cleaner, you can rescue and stained wools from ending up in the donation bin. Give them a second life--with their original owner.


  • Gets Your Whites Their Whitest
  • Keeps Your Wools their Wooliest
  • Eliminates Tough Stains: Coffee, Wine, Grass
  • Safe for Wool, Silk, Nylon, Cotton & More

How to Use____________

  1. Add 1 capful to 1 gallon of water.
  2. Apply small amount of Wool Cleaner Directly to stain.
  3. Message into fabric and leave submerged. (a) Wool, silk, cotton - soak 2 hours minimum. (b) Nylon - soak 4 hours minimum.
  4. Rinse. (avoid wringing garments)
  5. For difficult stains or yellowing, add more Wool Cleaner or increase soaking time.

Washing Machine:

Add 1 capful with normal detergent.

Note: For white fabrics only.


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