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Corner Laundry Hamper Wicker Style (Beige)

Item# 341

The rattan corner laundry hamper has a unique basket-weave design and is constructed from a high quality, durable plastic. Its' triangle shape is specifically designed to fit corners and large body can store plenty of laundry while keeping your area super fresh with its big ventilation holes. Easy removable hinged cover stays open for easier loading and emptying.


  • Created With a Comfortable Rim - That Makes Carrying a Breeze
  • High Caliber Plastic
  • Decorative Basket-Weave Design
  • Triangle Shape To Fit In Corners
  • Large Size Holds Plenty Of Laundry
  • Removable Hinged Cover Stays Open For Easy Loading and Emptying

Color: Beige

Size: 1.47 Bushel/ 52 Liter

UPC # 810541003411