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Superio Long Sled with Brakes

Item# 397


Superio Long Sled with Brakes


Superio Brand is proud to present this brand new Snow Sled. What’s better than shredding down a hill on a snowy day? Superio Brand’s plastic design of the snow sled helps you shred down the mountain with ease. With is attached rope, now hauling the sled through the snow will be easy after a long day of fun. This sled is a one-seater, but multiple people can enjoy the sled as well. By either pulling each other by the rope or take turns riding on it. Our light weight design makes it easy to carry and store. With our breaks slowing down when you reach a high speed is now easy, and they can also be used to make turns in different directions when riding down a snow hill. Grab your snow gear and sled and get ready to have fun in the snow with Superio Brands Long Sled.


  • Seats one person
  • Comes with a rope to pull the sled
  • Light weight design makes it easy to carry and store
  • Includes brakes on each side to slow down your speed

UPC # 810541003978