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Upright Rubber Broom
Upright Rubber Broom
Upright Rubber Broom

Upright Rubber Broom

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  • WIDE RUBBER BROOM HEAD EFFECTIVELY SWEEPING PET HAIR HUMAN HAIR -13" width electrostatic rubber bristles easily attract and collect dust, hair, paper and other garbage on the floor and carpet, more efficient than a normal broom, dust or hair won't fly all over while cleaning. Must have Push broom cleaning tool if you have pet
  • PET HAIR REMOVER BROOM & RUG RAKE TO FLUFF CARPET - Hundreds of rubber bristles easily remove the hair from the carpet, and even picks up tiny dust that the vacuum cannot reach. The preferred rubber brooms for removing pet hair.
  • DURABLE 50 IN. LONG HANDLE - The sturdy and durable handle made of rustproof Stainless Poles and easily assemble. You do not need to bend over or kneel for sweeping.
  • SILICONE BRISTLE - Easy to clean up - Dust or hair is easily washed off from the soft rubber bristles and looks like new, with excellent water resistance and fast drying. Nonscratch rubber bristle broom requires little maintenance and last for years using.
  • VERSATILE CLEANING TOOL - In addition to effectively removing pet hair, the rubber push broom works great to wipe away liquid spills on various floors, furniture, glass shower doors. Also suitable for garages, pool decks, car windshields, etc.


Superior Upright Rubber Broom can be used equally effective, indoors, or outdoors. Indoors, for removing hair, lint, dust, and more, from, upholstery and carpets, it is also great on wood, tile, and other hard surfaces to clean up the dirt. Outdoors, the tough bristles, make cleaning up wet leaves, dirty walkways, driveways, and patios, a breeze! Upright style, so it feels like sweeping with a standard broom.