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Square Pedal Trash Can. Rattan Style,7.5 Qt
Square Pedal Trash Can. Rattan Style,7.5 Qt
Square Pedal Trash Can. Rattan Style,7.5 Qt
Square Pedal Trash Can. Rattan Style,7.5 Qt

Square Pedal Trash Can. Rattan Style,7.5 Qt

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This trash can design includes a sturdy foot pedal for easy use. Simply give it a push with your foot and you’re all set! Once you’ve experienced this hands-free trash can, you’ll never be able to go back to pedal-less trash cans again. 

This trash can is made of the highest quality, durable plastic available. While stainless steel may be flashier, this plastic product will last you years without breaking or rusting. 

Once your trash can is full, simply remove the inner bucket, toss your trash, rinse it out and place it back in the garbage can! The inner bucket included keeps your trash can from getting gross. 

Here are some ideas of where you can put this trash can to maximize your space and reduce clutter: 
Bath: This step on trash can is a great size for the space between the toilet and the shower or next to the bathroom sink. 
Kitchen: Use this compact garbage can in the cabinet under the kitchen sink to keep your kitchen clutter-free. 
Dorm/Bedroom: This garbage pail is a great option for bedrooms, as you don’t want to let trash in your room stack up. 

Office: This small trash can fits seamlessly under any modern desk! 

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  • IDEAL FOR SMALL SPACES - Looking for a compact trash can that will fit underneath a desk or in a dorm room? This 7.5 Qt trash can is the ideal choice for any small space.
  • DECORATIVE DESIGN - Rattan decor is making a comeback! This rattan style trash can is aesthetically pleasing and a great fit for any decor style.
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO CLEAN - Trash cans can get gross quickly, which is why we offer a trash can that allows you to get into nooks and crannies without breaking a sweat!
  • COMES IN 4 DIFFERENT COLORS - We have a garbage can color to suit every preference! No matter the style preference, one of these trash can colors is sure to work in your space.
  • ZERO CHANCE OF RUST - Unlike stainless steel trash cans, this plastic trash can will never rust! Our foot pedal garbage can will last you for years to come.

Size: 8 W x 8 L x 10.75 H, 7.5 Qt.