The asking price is part of what we give you.

At Superio®, we price our products so that you can get more clean out of your cash.To bring you quality at more attractive costs, we handle design, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution on our own, and then graciously forward the associated savings to you.

We are never fully satisfied unless you are.

Whether you’re an end user or an authorized Superio® retailer, we put your needs first. Our team is eager and happy to accommodate personal requests as well as purchase orders for any quantities, colors, and sizes. In short, we go to every length to satisfy you. 


Contact us. We answer our own phones.

We don’t believe in red tape. It’s simply too… messy. The Superio® customer relations staff is dedicated to offering quick response times, valuable advice and guidance, and a level of accessible service that breeds true pride of ownership. Connect with us here.