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Superio Oven Cleaner,17 oz.

Item# 547

Oven Cleaner

Clean your oven without dirty chemicals.

Prepare your oven for the next batch of homemade goodness with our powerful grease cutting cleaner! Much safer, far less irritating, and much less damaging to your oven's surface than other leading brands. It's even better for the environment.


  • Powerful Grease-Cutting Cleaner
  • Much Safer, Less Irritating Formula
  • Gentle on Virtually All Oven Surfaces
  • Great for Pre-soaking Pots to Remove Stubborn Dirt/Dried Food

How to Use______________

  1. Spray  on grease/residue
  2. Allow 3 to 5 minutes for full power action. For tougher gunk soak as needed.
  3. Wipe away dissolved grease with moist cloth.
  4. Rinse cleaned area well with plenty water 
  5. After use, lock spray latch for household safety.

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