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Superio Nail Brush (3 PACK)

Item# 515


Superio Nail Brush (3 Pack)

Soft as a feather, tough as nails! With this triple pack of Superio Nail Brushes, home manicures are made easy. Each brush features a strong plastic handle, extended scrubbing bristles, and an innovative shape for holding fingers at the perfect angle as you polish and paint like a pro. Get your mani-pedi on and pamper weary fingers and toes with this all-in-one spa set.



  • Strong plastic handles
  • Large brush with longer bristles for hand and nail scrubbing.
  • Even keeps the fingers at the right angle so they are easy to polish
  • Manicure accessories are all the odds and ends you can use to make manicure that much better

 UPC # 810541005156