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Superio Miracle Mop Set

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Miracle Mop Set


Sweep dust out without bringing chemicals in! The Miracle Mop Set uses plain water and microfiber technology to clean even the worst messes on hard floors with super-absorbent fibers that trap dirt and hold up to 7 times their weight. Reusable, machine washable, and fast drying, this set makes it easy to go beyond clean—again and again.



Features Machine Washable Easy and Convenient Rapid Floor Drying Time Fumes and Chemical Free Use It Over and Over Again What is it? ULTRA MICROFIBER is softer, finer and more absorbent than any other conventional cloth available today.


Includes: Telescopic handle Velcro Mop Head Microfiber Mopping Pad



  • It is preferred for its lightweight, super- absorbency and rapid- drying properties.
  • Use the MIRACLE MOP to clean: Wood, Ceramic, Vinyl, Linoleum.
  •  No detergents needed, just wet and mop. 



The secret of the microfiber cloth its state- of- the- art matrix of thousands of tiny fibers;

10x finer than silk and 100x smaller than the human hair.

These high performance cloth attract and hold dirt, grime mildew, etc. like a powerful magnet, retaining up to 7x its weight



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