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Superio Sealed Food Storage Container - set of 3 Rectangular Shape

Item# 647


The perfect taste Our highly durable and entirely BPA-free food-grade plastic containers helps your favorite foods retain their taste and freshness.

Premium look & design square shape. Clear boxes and lids which always allows you to see what is in your storage containers.

The option to conveniently stack them leaves plenty of room in your fridge or freezer and makes organizing your meals so much easier.

Our food containers are made from heavy duty plastic and can be put into your freezer or microwave without risk.

They are fully reusable and last forever.

Use it for all occasions Whether you are preparing meals for the week in advance, freezing your garden harvest, or stocking up for a new baby – our leak-proof containers keep your food safe.


  • Reusable – dishwasher safe.
  • Stackable, excellent for food storing!
  • Microwave and freezer safe.
  • Leakproof square design for any food storage and organization needs.
  • Set includes 3 Rectangular containers size 19 oz.,33 oz.,61 oz.