Corner Laundry Hamper Wicker Style

Wicker style Corner Laundry Hamper, 50-liter.

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  • Looks like real wicker.
  • Made to storage dirty clothes until you wash it, to keep room collected.
  • Dimensions: 22 inches(H) x 15 inches(L) x 19 inches(W).
  • 40-bushel, 50 liters.
  • It is very convenient; the space savor hamper fits perfectly into the corner.


This superio 50-liter wicker style corner laundry hamper is designed to store dirty clothes until you wash it, so the room should not look rumpled. You can place it wherever you decide, in the washroom, bathroom, dorm room… the lid is very easy to open but still, it holds tightly onto the hamper. It is a very convenient, space saver hampers, fits perfectly into a corner. The dimensions are 22” (H), 19” (L), 15” (W).