Trowel and Tower Mold
Trowel and Tower Mold
Trowel and Tower Mold
Trowel and Tower Mold

Trowel and Tower Mold

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  • SAND PLAY FUN: let your kids enjoy the outdoors and create snow blocks and bricks of frozen snow to build major snow forts, houses, fences, walls, igloos and so much more.
  • BEACH CASTLE TOOLS: with the tower mold you can build big castles at the beach or in a sandbox. Each piece can be stacked on top of one another allowing your castle towers to score to new heights!
  • KID-FRIENDLY: Create tower and cone shapes quickly and consistently, it has beautiful shape bricks and towers from snow or sand it gets convenient working with the trowel in snow or in the sand.
  • ALL YEAR OUTDOOR PLAY: Brick molds is a wonderful and convenient toy for kids playing sports outdoor winter with snow and summer with sand. all seasons use….
  • DURABLE AND SAFE: heavy-duty strength and safe material to be able to use for children, it has 2 handles to pull the mold after creating a brick or a tower shape.


This Snow and Sandbox tool toys Is the best present you could buy for your children or grandchildren. They will sit and play with it for hours. You can play with it in the sand in a park or at the beach, or in the snow to make tower bricks or anything else you want. A trowel and a tower mold included.