35” Long Toboggan Sled 2-Pack
35” Long Toboggan Sled 2-Pack
35” Long Toboggan Sled 2-Pack

35” Long Toboggan Sled 2-Pack

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  • CLASSIC TOBOGGAN SLED - The 35-Inch Superio Snow Kids Toboggan Sled is to provide hours of fun. Made for one rider, durable, safe, and ready for as many trips down the slope as you are!
  • DESIGNED FOR SPEED - Super slick plastic and grooved channels to the fastest speed possible and carving ability as the grooves bite into the snow.
  • INCLUDES PULL ROPE - Our sled also comes with a pull rope, making it easy to haul up a hill or cart around your winter cargo.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STURDY--Made of HDPE new material durable and lightweight plastic, it is a weather-resistant sled that lasts for many seasons of fun. Snow sled is crafted with durable, lightweight, and non-toxic plastic material. Kids will love shredding down the mountain on this snow sled toboggan.
  • SPECIFICATIONS - Single person toboggan sled. 2 pack. Each sled measures 35 inches long. Pack of 2: One Red and one Blue.



Want to amuse your kids? The Superio toboggan sled is all you need!

This sled will provide your kids with hours upon hours of fun and entertainment!

Tired of buying new sleds before every winter season? Here is your solution! The sleds composition of heavy-duty plastic contributes to its ability to last for years. For next year's pre snow season, you'll be able to omit the hassle and money of buying new sleds because this one will still be in perfect condition.

Its design is to use for one rider and ideally for kids. The pull ropes and lightweight design makes it easy for kids to haul uphill, carry around, and cart around your winter cargo.


Statistics have shown that most people end up buying 2 of the Superio toboggan sled either for themselves or for a friend, family member, or anyone they want to gift with something useful. So, buying this set will save you the money of paying two times the full amount and is more convenient, skipping the hassle of ordering twice.