Foldable Grey Laundry Basket
Foldable Grey Laundry Basket

Foldable Grey Laundry Basket

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  • Space Saver- This laundry basket (when folded) fits into spaces as small as 2 inches wide! Great for small homes, dorms, bunk, and wherever something so space-saving is appreciated.
  • Easy to Carry- The cutout handles and lightweight design make it easy to carry from room to room. It will make your laundry experience a breeze!
  • Smooth Finish- No sharp edges to prevent the snagging of delicate items.
  • Airy Design- Perforated design allows airflow and reduces dampness and musty smells from building up.
  • Top Quality- The Superio hamper is sturdily constructed with high-quality plastic and can handle heavy loads.