Silver Polish-Tarnish Remover

Silver Polish-Tarnish Remover

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The Silver polish with a sterling reputation. Restore your tarnished silver to its former glory with this silver polish. Easy, quick, and gentle, our formula is perfect for everyone from the smart butler to the no-nonsense silver owner. No elbow grease needed.


  • Effortlessly Restores Silver's Brilliant Shine
  • Works Grooves & Etching for Total Clean
  • Protects Surface With Water-Repellent Finish
  • Works Wonders To Chrome & Nickel Too

How To Use:

  • Shake Bottle Well Before Each Use
  • Apply Polish To Damp Cloth Or Sponge
  • Gently Rub Into Desired Surface
  • Allow About 3 Minutes To Set
  • Rinse Clean
  • Buff With Dry Cloth For Extra Shine!

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