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Superio Swing Top Trash Can. 50 L/13 Gal. (Black and Grey)

Item# 316

All’s clear in the kitchen! Keep trash neatly contained with this lovely 52-liter garbage can. Featuring a swinging lid for easy access, our smart receptacle locks foul odors inside by swiftly swiveling back into place after each disposal. Two nifty side handles also deliver a guaranteed grip, so taking out the trash is no more terrible chore.



13 Gallon Trash Can (Gray and Black)

This high quality 13 GALLON TRASH CAN (GRAY and BLACK) is the perfect size for your kitchen. It offers an easy to use swinging cover that opens smoothly and then gently swings back and closes firmly. Two convenient handles for easy carrying with a classical design and shape.


  • Trash Can
  • Contains Two side handles for easy handling and carrying
  • Center-weighted swing lid opens easily and then gently swings back into place.
  • 50 Liter / 13 Gallon
  • Nice Shape & Design
  • 12.75 W x 15.75 L x 27.5 H
  • Durable plastic


UPC : 810541003169