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Superio Swing-Top Trash Can, 10 Qt, (Grey and Black)

Item# 446

10 Liter Trash Can (Grey)



Dump your old can in the trash! This 10-Liter Slim Trash Can is specially designed to fit in the narrowest spaces without sacrificing garbage capacity. Featuring two convenient carrying handles for touch-free takeout, our svelte receptacle also offers easy access with a smooth-swinging cover.


This high quality 10 LITER SLIM TRASH CAN is especially designed to fit narrow areas and is a great space saver. It offers a easy to use swinging cover that opens smoothly from both sides. Two convenient handles for easy carrying and a classical design and shape.

  • Slim Trash Can 
  • 10 Liter
  • 7 W  x 9 L x 14.5 H


UPC : 810541004463